Soooooo. Going to be skating with Vermont Men’s Roller Derby against The Green Mountain Derby Dames’ Grade A Fancy on the 1st.

Lets do this.


reminder that if we’re in a mutual and you’re under the age of 18 and find it creepy or weird that i’m following you back as an adult then let me know and i’ll unfollow and it won’t need to be a big deal at all… like, please put your own safety and wellbeing first 

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Anonymous asked: Stop talking about me on your pathetic blog. Stop mentioning me by name. I don't care about you or anything you have to say and I have no desire to have my name associated with this cesspool of a blog that contains nothing but vapid and stupid rants. It would be useless to tell you to move on cause you'll still be the pathetic, whiny, bipolar, mentally ill, pathological lying skanky cheater you are today but I don't need the association with your retarded blog and especially you. Pathetic Idiot.


Again, look it’s Charles Mwarage from New York Institute of Technology who has continually harassed my friends and I.

Be thankful I’m not leaking any other info. Talk to me or my friends you’ve been messaging and I will make sure everything goes back to you.





Hey did y’all hear about the female reboot of Ghostbusters? Because misogynists sure did!!!!! (First pic is Ernie Hudson’s quote, the rest are comments on it.)


Your ignorance astounds.

Things that display shock:
1 “What?!”
2 “Wow!”
3 “WTF!” Etc.

Things that are actually harmful reactions/statements:
1 Callous rape analogies.
2 Dismissing 51% of the population as niche.
3 “Ghostbitches.”
4 Jokes about women’s worth as exclusively for cleaning the house. Etc.

But what can I expect from someone whose URL is blatantly pedophilic.

Fuck. Off.

Also the apparent implication that

A) women can’t be funny (or funny and attractive) and
B) that women aren’t fans of Ghostbusters. Fuck anyone who isn’t excited to have an all girl team. I grew up watching the first movie every day almost into middle school. I’d have died of sheer ecstasy had there been a woman on the team.

Ugh. I wish I hadn’t read their username.



Hey did y’all hear about the female reboot of Ghostbusters? Because misogynists sure did!!!!! (First pic is Ernie Hudson’s quote, the rest are comments on it.)

Cry me a river.

I wish I could more succinctly put my thoughts on this, but it makes my angry brain over excited and I can’t focus for all the red.

How entitled are these men? Just because you enjoyed something thirty years ago, you feel that any adjustment or change to a new iteration completely destroys your experience?

News flash: The original movies still exist!

Who cares if you don’t want to be a part of this new story. Maybe if half of these men are right, and boys don’t watch it, we can have a safe fandom for girls and women to inhabit without the constant barrage of the shit menstitution.

Blargh. Men can jump off a bridge.

Disclaimer: I am unfortunately a man and do include myself in the above profiling of men. It doesn’t matter so much the attitude of an individual, it is the culture that we have created and put no effort to changing. Yes all men.




The various things I feel when dudes bring up their personal preferences in women’s bodies. 

I like to bring this back when relevant. Right now for “I actually prefer little to no makeup.” EYEROLLLLLL WHO GIVES A SHIT.

People are allowed to have preferences for what they like in a person. Unless someone’s condemning people for looking or acting differently or if it’s something really messed up like pedophilia, then you have no place judging people for their preferences.

I only talk to people that use correct sentence structure and doesn’t rely on so many words that start with “p.”